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Katz Lawyers, founded in 2004, serves companies and entrepreneurs, liberal professionals and national and foreign executives, from different areas of activity, as well as families.

​Our office has the mission of protecting the interests and rights of our clients, whether personal or economic.

We do this using the most efficient legal tools available, with ethics, creativity, secrecy and proactivity.

​In these almost 20 years of activity, we have developed a consistent way of working:  Listening to our customers' demands, aligning objectives and establishing a strategic course of action.


​ This way of acting, associated with personalized customer care and the solution or prevention of the situation, has been the reason for the success and longevity of our firm.


The combination of knowledge and experience acquired by the firm's team allows us to provide advice on the organization and optimization of our clients' assets. We understand that the preparation of the succession and organization of assets is a gesture of care for family members that deserves extreme attention. Therefore, we can offer services for:


  • Constitution of holding companies

  • Anticipation of legitimate

  • Usufruct

  • Testament

  • Trusts, Foundations and Offshore companies

  • Judicial or Extrajudicial inventory

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Our team's experience in conducting processes and procedures allows us to advise our clients to prevent litigation or reduce potential liabilities through the review of documents, contracts and procedures.

  • Contract review

  • Review of public documents

  • Review of private documents

  • Guidance for legal controls 

  • Review of internal and external procedures

  • Procedural Improvement Suggestions 

  • Dispute prevention consultancy

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People and families are the beneficiaries of our activity. Avoiding and resolving conflicts between people is the office's mission. In this sense, Katz Lawyers has always met the demands of its clients also in the personal sphere, whether independently or related to business. 

  • Judicial and Extrajudicial Inventories

  • Overseas inventories

  • Amicable or litigious divorce

  • Advice on marriage arrangements

  • Antenuptial Agreement

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Katz Lawyers has a strong track record in real estate law. From the constitution of SPEs, Real Estate Developments, commercial and residential leases, simple and complex purchase and sale, to legal discussions such as adverse possession, possessory actions and evictions.

  • Real Estate Development

  • Constitution of Condominiums

  • Acquisition and disposal of real estate

  • Commercial or residential lease

  • Construction Contracts

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Focused on business, Katz Advogados has developed its expertise based on business practice, where contracts are essential. Thus, in addition to the legal vision, the firm is able to provide contractual consultancy for business development and conflict prevention.

  • Commercial representation

  • Distribution and supply

  • Brand Licensing

  • commercial partnerships

  • Buy and sell



When it is not possible to avoid conflict, Katz Advogados applies all its baggage and experience acquired in its almost 20 years of existence in the defense of the rights of its clients whether in lawsuits, administrative procedures, arbitration or mediations.


  • Civil Actions

  • Business Law Actions

  • Actions in disputes between partners

  • Business or Contractual Arbitration

  • Real Estate Law Actions

  • Actions for reviewing Contracts

  • Administrative defenses​

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